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Housing in Barrika

 15 August 2018

Last August 10 we visited the construction site of this house. We are in the final phase, and we are very concerned, what details and concepts, which were fundamental during the development of the project, remain in reality. Our goal is to try to preserve the expectations of our client.

August 2018

Instead of the slat fencing of the project, we have take the decision to execute a corten steel element using rectangles of various sizes, placed in a “disordered” manner. During the oxidation phase, the lower wall of “splinted concrete” has been covered with a plastic sheet that avoids staining of oxide the concrete.

Archviz project. 2015

The ventilated facade is practically finished. We have used a system of large format an lightness fiber cement panels. An air mattress surrounds the house, including the areas of the false ceilings, providing homogeneous thermal insulation throughout the “shell” of the building.

August 2018

At the moment the works of interior coatings begin: tiled, resin, painting. Outside, with the impermeability of terraces and porches executed, remains to be finished: technological platform in porches and pool area, landscaping, lighting. All of these elements combined with concrete swept in the pedestrian accesses and garage ramp, and “naked” concrete with the aggregate seen, in the walls of the basement of the house. Then it will be necessary to install the glass rails on the balconies and terraces, on the ground floor and first floor.

August 2018


August 2018


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