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Housing in Barrika

 15 August 2018

Last August 10 we visited the construction site of this house. We are in the final phase, and we are very concerned, what details and concepts, which were fundamental during the development of the project, remain in reality. Our goal is to try to preserve the expectations of our client.

August 2018

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  2 March 2016

Even before finishing the univertsity in the 2000 year, there were teachers who tried to explain how hard was the professional reality of the architect. By then, we only dreamed of Koolhaas and his book “S, M, L, XL,” and the more daring or unconscious, we were confident that when we play jump into the ring in a few years, would be able to contribute some interesting architecture, in its most general sense and social aspect.

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Psycho house_” Psicosis” 1960

 22 March 2014

Inspired by the homonymous novel written by Robert Blocks, is probably, the most influential thriller, (not to say horror) in the history of cinema. Hitchcock changed the usual cinematic language by an exquisite management of subjective shots, accented with natural ease when managing audiovisual narrative mechanisms.

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Pierre Paulin_Furniture collection

 28 May 2013

Pierre Paulin

French designer, Paris (1927) – Montpelier (2009), author of an sculptural furniture series with rounded shapes, vivid colors and innovative materials under a revolutionary style and organic language inspired by nature.

He inherited his passion for art and creativity of his grandfather Freddy Stoll (Sculptor) and uncle George Paulin (Car designer for Bentley and Rolls Poyce). Because of his interest in modeling, at age 20 he  started his training in the field of sculpture, but in an unfortunate accident, a tendon was cut and caused him paralysis in his right hand finishing his career as a sculptor.

F 574_Le Chat Model (1967)

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