Angulo Arquitectura

Angulo Arquitectura propone una conceptualización única de cada proyecto, donde la función y el diseño tienen el mismo peso en el desarrollo del proyecto y generación de sensaciones.


The philosophy of this team is to undertake any project of architecture or design of different types with special value to the idea, according to criteria of environment, functional, economic, sustainability. So every one of our customers may consider your project unique. The customer will also be part player in the conceptualization and development of the project.

Experts in hotel architecture, have developed important projects for Hotel – Boutiques. Where we offer global services from conceptualization, architectural formalization, interior design, positioning.

Among its most important current projects can be found: High Xperience Family Houses (Moscow), Eco Hotel Atamaria GL (Murcia), Pool House (Bilbao) or a range of “architectural sites” called: Stone Xperience (SX), Water Xperience (WX), Air Xperience (AX), Fire Xperience (FX), Wood Xperience (WOX), Earth Xperience (EX), applied to different uses.


Composed by architects, designers, conceptualizers …., constantly researching, looking into the “luxury of the senses” that occurs through simple actions, normally provided by NATURE. The study interacts and collaborates with professionals from different areas. From technical to artisans of the regions where we work. For each project we do some kind of internal competition in the conceptualization phase. Several staff members defend their proposal to improve the chosen option.