Angulo Arquitectura



Experimental housing which aim to provide a high quality industrial housing with low cost. We are looking for enriching spaces not be excessively large. An alternative building to live in a rural environment, in full contact with nature.


A simple structure of freestanding laminated wood generates spaces. The outer skin can be either stone or wood, as fabrics, plastics. We excel simplicity of the palette of materials, using indigenous materials promoting regional sustainability. A rotund geometry with traditional materials.


The simple cover allows us to collect rainwater in a tank in the back, this water is used for toilets and for irrigation. All materials are industrializated, ensuring a minimum level of CO2 emissions. The house is situated on the ground minimally elevated, creating an air cushion that stabilizes heat the house.


In addition to using new software to improve architectural visualization, prior to the construction of housing, we have developed all the necessary parameters to manufacture this type, with variations in surface and coatings. A consulting firm has advised us to develop manufacturing processes.



The extreme simplicity, combined with a huge indoor environment, guarantee users maximum feelings of comfort and contact with nature. Ease of use and versatility. It can be used as: housing, local exhibition, tourist information booth, a hotel room and many uses more.