Angulo Arquitectura


Tarancón, Cuenca, Spain.

The building takes the form of a fold that forms the succession of these spaces while the Temple separates itself from the rest of the program required in the specifications of the competition (catechism rooms, multipurpose rooms, facilities and toilets) . This separation of the program concerning the temple is one of the points that the proposal considered essential by both the symbolic nature of the Temple as functional and safety reasons.


The construction of the temple in the proposed plot next to a degraded urban environment on the one hand and an urban sample unequal scale and types on the other, requires a careful urban intervention that seeks to regenerate the urban environment.


Outright actions for environmental balance: Canadian tubes, biomass, solar ivy. But before seeking alternative renewable energy generation, we propose some enclosures that ensure excellent thermal performance of the building, combining rock wool insulation type, with thermal prints - reflective in the air.


For this project, we have implemented new type BIM design software, which pose a greater security in measurements and coordination of design and construction. It also allows simultaneous work of individual project managers and project management.



he proposal builds on an open space and homogeneous, continuous light faced the space.