Angulo Arquitectura


Balmaseda, Spain

Housing simple geometry which simplifies the use of materials. Outwardly, the volume is a true reflection of the uses and functions designed for indoors. Pool deck. The light passes through the water and the glass pool, generating light and reflections in hall and lounge.


We are in an area of low density residential growth in the oldest Medieval Villa of Vizcaya. Near from Cadagua river. Besides the river, the natural environment is very powerful surrounded by mountains with significant tree stands.


Outright actions for environmental balance: Canadian tubes, moisture regulation by the pool, biomass, solar ivy. But before seeking alternative renewable energy generation, we propose some enclosures that ensure excellent thermal performance of the building, combining rock wool insulation type, with thermal prints - reflective in the air.


For this project, we have implemented new type BIM design software, which pose a greater security in measurements and coordination of design and construction. It also allows simultaneous work of individual project managers and project management.



The house has been designed as an observatory of the natural environment. The pleats make each floor is a display of the river and the mountains in front facade. The structural shell generates alternately concave and convex areas, which result in the plant housing. At night, the pool acts as a lamp, illuminating the ground floor lounge, and as a lamp, illuminating the urban space through the holes in its outer shell.