We are an architecture and design studio, which aims to generate proposals for the creation of singular and unique spaces, according to the requirements of our client.

Our philosophy

We intend to creatively solve the functional, economic and compositional needs of each project. Generating a balanced and harmonious architectural project, where it is clearly perceived that the plastic result is a consequence and not an end.

Our team

Jon Arostegi

Creative Director
In love with architectural photography, it is after dinner, along with his computer and a good bowl of cocoa and cookies, that he enjoys researching and designing ingenious furniture products, which have led him to win several design competitions.

Roberto Santiago

Projects Director
Whenever he is not traveling in Asia, Roberto brings balance and order to the studio's work processes. Early riser, he joined Aarq in 2014, having led extensive design teams at leading architecture studios.

Jennifer Rodriguez

Marketing and Development Manager
Her traveling soul has taken her to a large number of places around the world. Restless and positive by nature, she is in charge of proposing and looking for new routes for the development of our activity. She has a great organizational capacity, and is in charge of monitoring and continuing all the active projects in the studio.

Borja Angulo

Principal CG Architect
He enjoys practicing enduro and is a fan of auteur cinema. Borja founded Arq. In 2005. In love with the 3D industry, he is a 3dsero professional. He understands our activity as an intimate development between the client and the design team, where their concerns can be put to value, with practicality and great beauty.

We understand our activity as an intimate development between the client and the design team, where their concerns can be put to value, with practicality and beauty.

Borja Angulo
CG Architect

Nuestro proceso de trabajo

En esta primera fase, ponemos especial énfasis en analizar todas las variables del proyecto: uso, lugar, cliente, rentabilidad, etc. Y establecer una jerarquía clara con los principales objetivos que debe resolver la propuesta arquitectónica.

Once the objectives have been analyzed, we try to abstract ourselves, with the analyzed present in the background, we try to do an exercise of creativity, giving free rein to different compositional proposals. We understand that the functionality and cost of the work should not be at odds with the possibility of having a plastically powerful concept that contributes uniqueness to the architecture.

At all times the client participates in the creative process together with our team. Therefore, it is essential to propose a final review phase of the chosen proposal, validating its goodness on the basis that it meets all the basic requirements of the project: function, structure, constructive balance, compositional beauty.

The technical development is carried out under the supervision and support of external collaborators such as Engineering, Artists, Industrial Designers, etc. During this part of the process there are also small adjustments that affect the architectural proposal.

The studio and the rest of the members of the multidisciplinary team that develops the project, audit the architectural and technical proposal, to guarantee the quality of the project and / or minimize the changes that may arise during the work, or that these are of the smallest possible magnitude.

Work monitoring. Together with the technical architect or surveyor and engineering, we try to follow all the construction and design requirements indicated in the project. Improvements and changes usually appear during execution. We try to keep an exhaustive control of them, since a modification in a construction element normally affects the construction of other parts of the project. Plans are constantly updated, mainly to ensure that the geometry of the spaces is not modified or reduced on its surface.