Bultaco Flagship Store
Site: Leganés, Madrid
Restricted contest: 2014. First prize
Built: 2016

The Bultaco Motors company invited us to participate in the competition restricted to eight international design teams, with the aim of designing their prototype store for the launch of their electric motorcycles. Our proposal was mixed: a traveling “pop up”, and a store occupied by “pop ups”. We placed special emphasis on user interactivity, relying on a dynamic and versatile design of spaces. The proposed store was a kind of technological “motor-hub”, where not only did we go shopping, but rather we could say that it was a nursery for brand names and a means of loyalty.

“Our itinerant pop – up proposal is based on an ergonomic design and easy industrialization. It is complemented by a videomapping technique, turning the inner skin of the set into an interactive screen”

Jon Arostegi

Creative Director AArq

More about the project

Project title
Bultaco Flagship Store
Leganés, Spain
Sales space
A Arq Team
Borja Angulo, Jon Arostegi, Roberto Santiago.
Area of ​​influence
Global Store Network
Total built surface
Variable, 30 - 500 m²

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