Pool house
Site: Balmaseda, Spain
Project: 2011
Built: 2012

Simple geometry housing in which the use of materials is simplified. The house has been designed as an observatory of the natural environment. The folds make each plant a viewer of the river and the mountains in front of the main facade. The structural shell alternately generates concave and convex spaces, which are translated into the floors of the house. At night, the pool acts as a lamp,

Externally, the volume is a true reflection of the uses and functions designed for the interior. Pool on deck. The light passes through the water and the glass of the pool, introducing light and enriching the hall and living room of the house. It is located in an area of ​​low-density residential growth in the oldest Medieval Village in Bizkaia. On the banks of the Cadagua river. In addition to the river, the natural environment, in the distance, is very powerful, with important tree masses

“The house has been designed as an observatory of the natural environment”

Angulo Arq


More about the project

Project title
Vivienda Unifamiliar
Balmaseda, Spain
Project year
AArq Team
Borja Angulo, Jon Arostegi, Oihane Arbaiza Javier Baranda
Plot surface
950 m²
Total built surface
220 m²

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