Covered Square
Site: Zarautz, Spain
Competition: 2014

Functionality is perhaps the main objective of this project, without forgetting the importance of a correct urban and landscape integration. The economic criterion makes us think that there are two options: one with a simple structure, supported on the edges of the playground, covered with polycarbonate on the roof and side areas; and the second option is also a relatively ordered main structure, where an organic mesh is perched, which adapts to the arboreal edges, and as a covering material and solar control, polycarbonate hexagons of vegetal colors that are perfectly integrated into a view from the upper floors of the surrounding houses. These hexagons will be emptied, if necessary, to allow the passage of the trunks of the trees, whose crowns will grow above the roof.

We clearly opted for the second option for the following reasons:

– It is a lighter solution, which will favor a simpler foundation, since we are aware that the land in this area of ​​Zarautz has a plastic structure with little resistance.

– The integration is much greater both due to its roof result and the side view from the rest of the square, resulting in this finer structure, blending better with the strong vegetation of this area, avoiding that the architecture represents a barrier to the landscape.

– It is a model – pattern, which could be extrapolated to other areas of the municipality.

“It is a model – pattern, which could be extrapolated to other areas of the municipality”

Angulo Arq

More about the project

Project title
Covered square
Zarautz, Spain
Competition Year
Public space
A Arq teamq
Borja Angulo, Roberto Santiago, Jon Arostegi.
Plot surface
4250 m²
Total built surface
4250 m²

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