Hotel Tayko
Site: Bilbao, Bizkaia
Project: 2017
Built: 2017 – 2018

Refurbishment and rehabilitation of a building from 1924, located in the historic center of Bilbao, to transform it into a boutique hotel. The main action of the creative process was to unify two small interior courtyards in a large elongated courtyard, which functions as atrium, so that the distribution and circulation to the rooms is carried out through broken walkways that configure the architectural space of the atrium, crowned with a skylight. All new elements, walkways and partitions, do not interfere with the bare concrete structure of the original building.

The rooms are developed as rectangular elements, fleeing from the classic bathroom at the entrance. Viroc is used as a new element that dialogues perfectly with the original painted and exposed brick and the concrete beams and pillars.

“We try to enhance the museum character of the building, the walkways and divisions respect and do not interfere with the original columns, beams or walls.”

Borja Angulo
CG Architect

More about the project

Project title
Hotel Tayko
Bilbao, Spain
Project year
2017 – 2019
Boutique Hotel of 4 stars, with 54 rooms
A Arq team
Borja Angulo, Roberto Santiago, Jon Arostegi, Javier Baranda, Garbiñe Sorozabal
Aialme Ingenieros
Plot surface
500 m²
Total built surface
3050 m²

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